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Conservatorship Lawyer in Fresno, CA

In some cases, a person is unable to protect his or her own self-interests. At Law Offices of Philip M. Flanigan, our conservatorship lawyer in Fresno, California, works to manage the affairs of these adults and minor children. Our conservatorship attorney is available to guide you through any situation. Turn to us today to work with our guardianship lawyer for essential support for your case.

Essential Service from a Conservatorship Attorney

The legal system recognizes that in many situations, your chosen beneficiaries may not be able to protect their own self-interests. Minor children and some adults cannot legally manage a number of different issues. In these cases, a conservator, or adult guardian, is required. This court-appointed individual is responsible managing all legal and financial affairs. It can be anyone from a relative to a close friend. Meeting with a conservatorship attorney helps ensure the right person is in place for your situation.

When would a conservator be required? If the adult or minor did not declare a durable power of attorney, the court will be required to step in and declare a conservator to act on behalf of the person in question. Conservators can be declared to take care of financial, medical, and personal decisions. While the court may designate a person for each of these roles, the same person can be appointed to take charge of all choices.

Senior Woman with Legal Guardian in Fresno, CA

Why Use a Guardianship Lawyer

Ensure that the proper steps are in place for your conservatorship when you work with our team. With more than 30 years of experience in the legal field, we have the knowledge necessary to handle any situation. Our conservatorship attorney has the unique ability to provide legal advice and caring consideration to our clients and their families.

Due to the personal nature involved with the process, it is important to turn to an attorney for these services. We understand that the legal guardianship and conservatorship process can be stressful for every family. When your loved one is unable to care for him or herself, our conservatorship attorney steps in to ensure that his or her rights are cared for.

The Details of a Legal Guardianship

Your children are one of the important parts of your life. Protect their future by choosing the proper legal guardianship in your last will and testament. A legal guardian has authority and duty to care for the personal and property issues of a minor or incapacitated adult. This formal arrangement must be set in place by the court.

Contact us to speak with our conservatorship lawyer about your situation. We proudly offer the services of our conservatorship attorney for clients throughout Clovis, Madera, Sanger, Reedley, and Fresno, California.