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Medi-Cal Planning Attorney in Fresno, CA

As we grow older, finding reliable health care and planning for future costs grows more and more difficult. With so many different paths available to elders today, it can be hard to know which to take. That's why we urge you to rely on our firm when you need a Medi-Cal planning attorney, or even a general elder lawyer. Turn to our compassionate, knowledgeable staff when you have questions about your options.

Only a skilled Medi-Cal lawyer can provide the insight you need to make informed decisions about elder planning and other important medical decisions. Since 1997, our attorneys have helped many local families plan for future medical costs, as well as protect their assets from Medi-Cal recovery claims. Let us be your knowledgeable guides to the complex landscape of elder law.

Medi-Cal Planning Law Office in Fresno, CA

What Is Medi-Cal Planning?

Medi-Cal, or the California Medical Assistance Program, is a California Medicaid welfare program. It largely serves low-income groups, including disabled persons, pregnant women, and elders. Though many individuals that receive Medicare also receive Medi-Cal, the programs are not related; Medi-Cal is a need-based program not funded jointly with the state of California and federal Medicaid funds.

Come in for a free consultation with our Medi-Cal planning staff to learn whether you're eligible. Most individuals that receive Social Security Income are automatically qualified to receive Medi-Cal, including those that qualify as "medically needy" if their incomes and resources fall within the Medi-Cal limits. Other eligible individuals may include:

  • Low-Income Persons 65 or over, Blind, or Disabled
  • Low-Income Persons with Dependent Children
  • Children Under 21
  • Pregnant Women
  • Medically Indigent Adults in Skilled Nursing or Intermediate Care

Your Guides to Elder Law

Whether you're planning for yourself or assisting a loved one, it's well worth your time to enlist the help of our attorney when you're making important medical decisions. Reach out to our firm to enlist the help of a lawyer who specializes in elder law and learn about and explore all of your options to the fullest extent. Our lawyers are happy to help you learn more about the benefits for which you or your family qualifies.

Rely on us to provide you guidance and information about how and where to begin your plans for the future. During your consultation, our friendly attorney will discuss goals for you or for a loved one's long-term care. Many legal issues affect seniors; that's why we work hard to keep you informed at all times. It is our goal to help you understand and receive the planning that will give you peace of mind and confidence about your future.

Contact our firm to schedule a consultation with a Medi-Cal planning attorney. We serve elders and their families living in Fresno, Clovis, Madera, Sanger, and Reedley, California, plus the surrounding areas.