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Irrevocable Trust Attorney in Fresno, CA

At Law Offices of Philip M. Flanigan, we are available to assist our clients with a series of services. Our irrevocable trust attorney in Fresno, California, is happy to meet with you to decide on the right course of action for your estate. When you are considering irrevocable trusts, our team works with you to lay out the conditions of all related property. Turn to our irrevocable trust lawyer to learn more about your options and start the process today.

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What Are Irrevocable Trusts?

In order to make the right decision for your situation, it is vital that you understand your legal options. An irrevocable trust is a trust that cannot be changed or ended without permission from the beneficiary. If you use this option, you will set up the trust and relinquish all control to whomever you name as your trustee. All terms and conditions are set in stone.

If you decide to use an irrevocable trust for your estate, there are a few important things to note. Once assets are placed in this trust, you no longer own the property in question. Unlike revocable trusts, choosing irrevocable trusts means that you are no longer liable for any legal claims against your assets.

Meeting with Our Irrevocable Trust Lawyer

Why would you choose irrevocable trusts? This trust is typically chosen for estate and tax-related issues, as it removes all ownership incidents from the grantor's taxable estate. Simply stated, money and property has changed hands, and is not susceptible to tax issues or claims from creditors. If you are completely sure about the terms and conditions of your trust, choosing this option offers your beneficiaries the best possible protection from claims by creditors.

At our law firm, our irrevocable trust attorney is available to meet with you and your family to make your decision easier. We will go through the benefits and drawbacks of choosing this policy for your planning. Our goal is to make you comfortable throughout the process by providing you with the facts you need for an informed decision. When you turn to us, you can trust that you are making the right choice for the future of you and your loved ones.

Contact us to speak with our irrevocable trust attorney about your current situation. Our services for irrevocable trusts are available throughout Clovis, Madera, Sanger, Reedley, and Fresno, California.